When I say PURPLE, you say......

  • Anthocyanins. They're the health-promoting chemicals that give plants their purple hue, prevent disease, and do especially great things for your eyes and heart.(1) So eat up! Unless you're sitting next to a bag of Skittles. Those don't count, and you know it.

  • Everyone looks better with a tan....Darker purple potatoes have up to 4 times more antioxidant potential than their pale friends. But you're not a potato, and this is not permission to skip your sunscreen.(2) 

  • You've gone too far. Purple cauliflower can turn green if you overcook it. But unless it clashes with your placemat, not really a big deal. And even then.....not really a big deal.

  • Purple is so last century. When it comes to carrots, at least. Before the 1700's, purple carrots were the norm. It wasn't until the 17th century that Dutch farmers started cultivating the orange variety we're familiar with today. (3)

  • This beet is hot....but maybe you should turn off the music and quietly eat it raw, instead. Raw beets are an excellent source of folate, but they lose a lot of their nutrients when cooked. (4)

  • That girl who ate too many blueberries in Willy Wonka? Her name is Denise Nickerson, she quit acting when she was 21, and she has her own Wikipedia page. Oh, you wanted a food fact? You can freeze blueberies and keep all their nutritional qualities intact. How's that? 


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